Most children will experience nappy rash to some degree or another. There are things that can trigger or can increase the potential for nappy rash such as teething, different foods, and hot weather. However, if you’re careful you can generally prevent it from occurring. Here are some easy ways to help you prevent nappy rash:


Don’t leave your littlie in soiled nappies for long lengths of time. Urine and faeces can burn and irritate the skin, so make sure you don’t leave them sitting in nappies that are full of either.


Baby wipes are convenient for when you’re out and about, but when overuse of them can irritate delicate skin. Wipes have greatly improved over the years in terms of the amount of nasties in them, but even the best product on the shelf can have an ingredient in it that can be an irritant to your child’s skin.

When you’re at home try to use something else to clean your little one’s bottom. You can buy baby change lotions that you squirt on and wipe off with tissues. But again, these can have ingredients that irritate the skin. They do tend to be less irritating than wipes, though. Alternatively, you can simply use a warm, wet face washer (that you don’t use for anything else!) and then pat the area dry.

Tip #3 - AIR TIME

The easiest and cheapest thing you can do to help prevent and treat early signs of nappy rash is to let your child have time without anything on their bottoms. Not only does this air out the area, but littlies seem to love the freedom of having no pants on.

To make this tip even more effective, clean your child’s bottom area with a warm, wet face washer and pat dry before giving them air time. That way their skin is free from any irritants.


When your little one is sleeping many hours at night they will be wearing the same nappy for hours on end. You might find their nappy is quite heavily saturated with urine, so their skin will have been soaked in irritating urine for hours on end.

For parents who use changing methods other than wet face washers, this is one time of day that you might consider doing it. Clean off the area properly and get rid of any of that residue by washing it off before continuing on with your day. You may like to bath them in the morning, or use a warm, wet face washer.


Keep nappy rash balm on hand. There is generally no need to use nappy rash products on skin that is healthy and not showing any signs of irritation. However, it is good to have one on hand at home to use for any little signs that might appear.


If you find your little one continually gets nappy rash no matter what you do, you might need to seek advice as there could be something triggering it such as food or a sensitivity to the nappy. However, these easy strategies should generally help to prevent it and keep things “smooth as a baby’s bottom”.