Say   Good-bye  to Messy Mealtimes
   Tired of the mealtime mess?  Finally there is a solution that really works!
  The waterproof Japoodah bib secures around the front of the tray,
keeping it  firmly in place and creating a food catching pocket that
literally catches all of the spills!  
NO MORE MESSY: clothing, legs, floor, highchair seat or tray!  
Each bib comes with a set of matching detachable sleeves so you can keep all of your child's clothing clean, even long-sleeved tops.  
Japoodah bibs are available in ten
colourful and fun designs.  
Cleaning up after mealtime has never been so easy!
Simply roll it up, shake it out, and wipe it clean or put it in the wash. 
The Japoodah bib not only is the most effective food catching bib, it also doubles up as a waterproof apron that can be used to keep those baby bellies dry when at the sink. 
This makes it a perfect multi-functional baby shower gift. 

Love it!



The perfect baby shower gift for mum-to-be, bub, and beyond.

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