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Once upon a time there was a little boy nicknamed Japoodah....

Child number seven, affectionately called Japoodah by his sister, was twelve months old and learning to self feed.  This is something I'd normally not encourage at this age, but pregnant and exhausted I let him go for it.  And, oh the mess!  The clean up for my older pregnant body was akin to running a marathon.  I just wasn't up to the mealtime mess this time around.

lachie mess.jpg

So, I decided it was time to contain the mess.  Out came some old cloth nappies and my little seamstresses helped sew together my ideas until one day we found the solution.  The mealtime mess changed instantly.  No more mess on his lap or clothes, no more mess in the highchair seat, no more mess on the floor, and no more mess on the highchair tray.  It was like a little miracle within our own home.

Mealtime went from dread to easy-peasy!  Foods like pasta, rice, crumbly cakes and muffins no longer made me cringe.  No longer did I mind my littlie learning about the texture of his food with his fingers (aka playing with it!).  And, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience.  Being relaxed about what he was doing with his food was a game changer.  It wasn't just that I was more relaxed about it.  I actually enjoyed it.    


But, toddlers are never easy.  Along came winter and the jumpers. My clever little boy soon discovered that the sleeves of his jumper were a great place to wipe his grotty little face as he was eating.  Back to the drawing board and the sewing machine.  Soon we came up with detachable sleeves that quickly solved that problem. 

As parents of eight children we've bought a lot of baby and toddler items over the years. We've had some that ended up sitting in the cupboard because they didn't work or were too tricky to use. And, we've had others that we have used all the time.  The Japoodah bibs were one of the items we used every day, several times a day, with our last two children. Now, we hope they can be as useful to other parents as they were for us.    

And, yep - that's "Japoodah" in the front of the family photo looking like he's picking his nose!  

In the pram.
The boys having lunch.
One of our first bibs.
Messy pasta!
Picnic in the lounge room!
The boys wearing some of the first bibs we made.
Eating out!